Velux Window Repair Balmedie

Velux window repairs

Here at our company we offer a Velux window repair to residential and commercial clients in Balmedie. We have done so for several years now and have worked for a wide range of clients in this time period.

We are honest, reliable and highly skilled professionals which allows us to offer a professional service. Each of our skilled craftsmen have the training and experience to ensure that all repair work is carried out to the highest standards. Our team of craftsmen are able to carry out any Velux window repairs, from the smallest repairs to larger projects.


If you have noticed that you have draughts coming through your Velux window then it can be because:

  • You need a replacement glass unit
  • You have a faulty gasket
  • You need to re-insulate the lining
  • You need to replace the seals on the Velux window
  • The window hasn’t been installed correctly or is out of square


Velux window replacement

You may want your Velux window replaced to upgrade to a new low-energy pane or you may want it replaced because your existing glass unit seals have failed or the glass has cracked.

When the glazing unit has deteriorated the level of insulation will be significantly reduced. If you need your Velux windows replaced then you could benefit from not only extending the operational term of your Velux window but you will be able to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint on the environment.

Our prices

People in Balmedie have this assumption that Velux window repairs are going to cost them a large sum of money, this isn’t always the case and it depends on the repair(s) that are needed. Our craftsmen will come out to your home to take a look at your windows and give you a free quote for the required repair work, you’ll then be able to decide whether or not you wish to go ahead using our repair service.

Contact us

To arrange for our craftsmen to come out to your home in Balmedie to take a look at your Velux window(s), simply give us a call today on 01224 326 386 or 01224 432 462.